Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

RAS operate by filtering water from fish tanks so it can be reused within the system. RADAQUA's RAS model has been widely received as the most efficient intensive recirculation system operating at the current time in Australia.

The RADAQUA RAS Model has 5 key points that make it the preferred method of seafood production:

  1. More efficient production
    • Capable of higher stocking density
    • Achievement of higher feed conversion ratios
    • Maximises growth rates in controlled environment
    • Lower fingerling mortality rates
    • Better production accountability and management
    • No downtime between harvests (e.g fallow periods)
  2. Bio-secure food production environment
    • Production environment ensures regular production of premium quality seafood product providing a secure food source
    • Not subject to variability in ocean water conditions
  3. Environmentally friendly
    • More efficient use of water through the use of recirculation techniques
    • Sustainable land based seafood production reduces impact on ocean seafood stocks
    • Restores the quality of water
    • Lower environmental impact of nutrient outputs
    • Smaller production footprint
  4. Broad Range of species that can be farmed including;
    • Barramundi
    • Grouper
    • Coral Trout
    • Murray Cod
    • Kingfish
    • Sea Bass
    • Sea Brim
  5. The ability to produce non-endemic species in closer proximity to sales markets


RAS components

RAS components included in the RADAQUA design and construction process is:

  • Culture tanks - high density Polyethylene Plastic
  • Skimmer trays and drainage outlets on each tank
  • Emergency oxygen diffusers on each tank
  • PLC water management system on each RAS monitoring Do, pH, Temperature, Salinity, ORP
  • Drum filter 60 micron
  • Protein Skimmer
  • Ultra Violet Light Disinfection Unit
  • Water supply treatment system
  • Moving Bed Bio Reactor
  • Oxygen cone and oxygen injection system
  • De-gasing unit for carbon dioxide removal
  • Pumping system
  • PVC pipe water distribution system

RADAQUA recommend that the best approach for establishing a long term, sustainable, environmentally friendly and profitable seafood production facility is through the development of land based RAS.