After 18 years delivering solutions for clients throughout Australia, RADAQUA began exporting its services to international markets in 2014 after securing a contract for the delivery of a new aquaculture facility in Xiamen, China.

Successful completion of this project in early 2015 led to RADAQUA signing a new 8 year contract with the Chinese client for the ten-fold expansion of the initial production capacity and for the construction of new aquaculture facilities.

The success of this project has also given RADAQUA the credentials to secure new export contracts in Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates, to develop innovative concepts for potential clients in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Japan and South America while also presenting opportunities to reinvest in the Australian aquaculture industry.

In only two years of international business activities, RADAQUA has doubled its export revenues, secured contracted projects spanning the next 8 years’ worth over $25 million and established a pipeline of development opportunities under discussion with existing and new clients worth an estimated value of another $50 million.

RADAQUA’s international success has been established through our partnering approach to client relationships and the willingness of our company and staff to embrace and adopt local culture, language and customs as part of these relationships.

RADAQUA encourage clients to visit other aquaculture facilities both within their own country and internationally to demonstrate latest technologies and techniques, foster industry relationships and promote the sharing of ideas that are mutually beneficial to industry participants.

RADAQUA is always striving to keep up-to-date with the latest industry developments covering engineering principles, technology and operational processes. RADAQUA continuously monitor market developments to ensure that clients’ facilities maximise opportunities based on fish species, pricing trends, product marketing, domestic and international sales demand. By assisting clients to understand market characteristics RADAQUA strengthen our relationships with clients and reinforce our objective to deliver turnkey solutions customised to their requirements.

RADAQUA has complimented these initiatives with travel to 10 different countries throughout Asia and the Middle East in the last year, meetings and communications with over 30 potential new clients while continually supporting our network of current clients.

RADAQUA success has also given us the opportunity to reinvest in our local community and with this in mind we are now working with the Queensland State Government and the Sunshine Coast Council exploring ways to develop a world class Aquaculture Park to be based on the Sunshine Coast including a 5,000 tonne production facility, a fish hatchery and a glass house for water treatment and nutrient product conversion.

Looming global protein shortage drives us

As global population increases, demand for water and protein rises. One third of the world’s population (2 billion people) consume a diet primarily consisting of animal protein, whether fish, poultry or red meats.

This supply of protein is reaching exhaustion and the consumption of animals and wild fish is becoming environmentally unacceptable.The world currently produces protein in three ways:

  • Farming of domesticated animals (cattle, sheep, pigs)
  • Fish (wild and farmed)
  • Cereals and vegetables

These sources of protein have limited sustainability, which presents ongoing issues for mass production. These include a decline in water availability to grow cereals and vegetables, overfishing of the world’s
oceans and an increasingly limited supply of suitable land for domesticated animals.

Our mission

We aim to use proven engineering principles and the latest technology and equipment to create farming systems, specifically designed to produce premium aquatic product in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.

We will achieve this by:

  • Developing technology to ensure premium fish are produced economically with minimal impact on the environment.
  • Striving to be Australia’s leading Aquaculture consultancy service provider.
  • Creating a secure sound environment for the culture species, which replicates their natural habitat.
  • Developing technology and management practices to further reduce volume of water per kilo of protein.
  • Continuing to be a world leader in management best practice ensuring optimal stocking ratios.
  • Striving to develop feeds with minimal or no fishmeal content to create a sound sustainable environment.

RADAQUA’s more than 18-year history offers expertise and a unique solution to the global primary production protein shortage and can meet client specific requirements incorporating advanced aquaculture design and techniques that accommodate the most challenging requirements.

RADAQUA’s unique strategies, designs and development can capitalise on the potential of projects and market demand while considering existing limitations.