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RADAQUA's extensive international design, construction and management service experience has been used to deliver solutions for commercial clients, government bodies, education institutions and research organisations across a broad range of projects including:

  • Inlet and outlet water treatment
  • Quarantine (bio-security - PC2 standard) System, Facility, Stock and Site
  • Hatchery Systems and Solutions
  • Nursery Systems and Solutions
  • Grow out Systems and Solutions
  • Harvest Holding Systems and product quality control and improvement
  • Stock management
  • Production Modelling
  • Feeding Systems and Strategies
  • Grading Technology
  • Filtration Technology and strategies
  • Pump Technology and efficiency improvement
  • Computer modelling
  • Live Fish Transport
  • Marketing Strategies

RADAQUA is committed to working with prospective and existing clients to ensure that their aquaculture project visions are realised. RADAQUA considers every project we work on to be a showcase of our capabilities and therefore we treat each project as if it were our own investment. This approach underlines our commitment to partnering with clients to deliver the best project outcomes achievable.