Aquatic Environment Technology Solutions

RADAQUA provide turnkey solutions for the design, construction and management of aquaculture facilities.

RADAQUA specialise in the delivery of customised land based recirculating aquaculture systems for the sustainable production of premium seafood products in an environmentally friendly manner through the use of advanced engineering principles, the latest technologies and innovative operational processes.

RADAQUA was established in 1996 and expanded its activities internationally in 2014. RADAQUA has delivered aquaculture solutions for commercial clients, government bodies, education institutions and research organisations throughout Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

RADAQUA differentiates itself from other aquaculture industry service providers by providing solutions covering the entire scope of a client’s aquaculture project/investment from concept development to initial designs through to detailed drawings and specifications, construction and the subsequent management of facilities to ensure the successful growth and harvesting of premium seafood products ready for market.

RADAQUA’s unique industry offering of Managed Recirculating Aquaculture Services (MRAS) provides clients with access to highly trained and experienced industry professionals delivering proven operational systems and processes.

RADAQUA's reputation for delivering productive, profitable and sustainable solutions to glbal aquaculture industry clients has been recognised in the presentation of Sunshine Coast Business Awards in 2014 and 2015 and nomination as a finalist in the Premier of Queensland Export Awards in 2015.


Why Choose RADAQUA?

               RAS Systems

  • More efficient production
  • Bio-secure food production environment
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Flexibility in its location, can locate close to prime market

              Design Services

  • High level managerial support and staffing solutions
  • Knowledge transfer and industry training
  • Industry leading mentoring
  • As per construct drawings

       Construction Services

  • Greater production per m2
  • Minimises environmental footprint
  • Integration of "Green Technologies"
  • Improved water utilisation

      Management Services

  • Enables higher stocking densities - up to 180kg/m³
  • Seasonal variation minimised
  • Greater stock traceability
  • Increased productivity with industry leading technology