Quan Ying (Fujian) Technology Co. Ltd (China)

RADAQUA has been engaged by Quan Ying (Fujian) Technology Co. Ltd in a partnering project to develop a two staged multi species marine recirculation system, predominantly for the commercial grow out of Coral Trout and Grouper utilising our MRAS technology and services.


The investor Group of Quanying (Fujian) Technology Co. Ltd, toured Australian production facilities and hatcheries in early 2013, following which they broke ground on the new site in November of 2013 and began construction in December 2013.  Stage one Was completed by mid 2015 and consists of a 500 tonne annual production facility, within an indoor closed environment, comprising worlds best technology.  Stage two is a progressive 5,000 tonne expansion once the initial cultured seafood product reaches market potential from the stage one development.