Rodney Missen: Business Owner and Managing Director

Master of Science (Aquaculture), Graduate Diploma (Aquaculture), Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture) Hons. (Integrated Aquaculture) with over 20 years’ aquaculture industry experience.

Rod started his career as an Aquaculture Research Scientist for the Marine and Freshwater Resources Institute in Snobs Creek, Victoria specializing in the domestication of native fish species, intensive recirculating culture systems and the integration of waste management solutions utilizing aquaculture practices for nutrient stripping.

Rodney moved into the private sector, developing RADAQUA consulting services and establishing the first commercial barramundi culture facility pilot plant in Pakenham, Victoria.

After numerous successfully integrated commercial aquaculture projects, Rodney relocated the business to a site in Glenview, Queensland and took on the role as Managing Director of Ecofish International, growing the business up to 100 tonnes per annum of multiple premium species.

As Managing Director of RADAQUA, Rodney has gone on to consult for government agencies and research institutes to improve their aquaculture processes and facilities by utilizing his knowledge, experience and technology. RADAQUA has also constructed several commercial production facilities in Australia & overseas

Wil Conn: General Manager Aquaculture

An aquaculture industry professional with 16 years’ experience specialising in commercial finfish production, workforce development and seafood industry advocacy and representation. Wil has an Honours Degree in Applied Biological Sciences and Masters’ Degree in Applied Fish Biology.

Wil’s experience in general management of vertically integrated farming operations with core competencies including the development, implementation and oversight of production planning aligned to company operational targets and key financial performance indicators is supported by an unwavering commitment to the aquaculture industry.

Wil has a solid track record of hands on operations across farm production areas including hatchery, nursery and grow-out with a strong focus on growth performance and optimising stock health and nutrition. Highly effective communication and people management skills coupled with a sound grounding in agribusiness approaches are reflected in the varied roles Wil has successfully undertaken within the wider aquaculture / seafood industry.

Gerard Adam: Technical Development Manager

Gerard is a self-confessed aquatic environment enthusiast. With a Bachelor degree in Environmental Science, double majoring in aquaculture and fisheries management, and coastal management from Southern Cross University.

Gerard has 7 Years experience working the in aquaculture field as an operations and assistant manager. For the last few years Gerard has held responsibility for research, development, design and construction as a environmental & technical development consultant for RADAQUA.

He also has extensive experience in communicating the importance of aquatic ecosystem management and animal husbandry with members of the public as an interpretative educator at the Sunshine Coast's prominent tourist attraction, Underwater World.

Previous experience Gerard has in civil construction, drafting and design contributes to a broader knowledge base in large-scale project management strategies and implementation.

Clint Keizer

Clint grew up on a large fruit and nut production farm based in the hinterland of the Sunshine coast. Here he developed a passion for nature and design at a young age. After graduating from university Clint began his career on the Sunshine Coast advancing his professional development and fine-tuning his architectural skills.
In 2014 he joined the RADAQUA team as a consulting architect & engineer.

Clint Is a dynamic and forward thinking architect, capable of blending the efficiencies of engineering with the demanding biological performance needs of RADAQUA within all his designs. A Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Architecture (Hons.) provides the grounding and technical knowledge from which Clint delivers innovative yet workable solutions to RADAQUA clients. The advancing reputation of this young industry professional is strongly supported by an extensive background in Landscape Architecture and high level knowledge of Mandarin.

Robby MORT: Aquaculture Operations Manager

Robby has over 20 years’ experience in the aquaculture / public aquarium industries both in Australia and overseas. Having commissioned three large public aquaria utilizing the latest technologies in water filtration, to managing prawns ponds in semi-intensive systems, to working in fisheries research including seafood sales and marketing helps bring a range of experiences to the RADAQUA team.

He has also completed a Masters of Aquaculture (Deakin University), Bachelor of Commerce (University of Queensland), and Associate Diploma in Aquatic Resource Management (Central Queensland University).

Robby was an accreditation officer for the Australian Regional Association of Zoos and having a special interest in water quality he has studied plankton dynamics in prawn ponds in North Queensland, presented at the Aquality Symposium in Portugal and installed custom built & designed denitrification units in public aquaria.